The Ethical Management

KACECO makes customer's needs possible through
the creative thinking and technology innovation.

KACECO makes customer's needs possible through the creative thinking and technology innovation.
And we would leap forward global leader through the ethical management.

The Ethical Management System

We respect political economic structure of capitalism and pursue common interest with mutual cooperation, so we would leap forward global leader about plant installation as well as HVAC.

We establish rule of ethics which is criteria of the value judgment and behavior, and make sure of the fullfillment.

The Responsibility for Customers

KACECO respects customer's opinions, makes it possible and creates the value that is helpful for customers.

1. Respectation for customers
① We pay attention to customer's opinions.
2. Creation of value ① We try to find the new value that customers need.
② We create the real value that is needed and satisfied by customers.
3. Offering value ① We give customers the truth and keep the promise definitely with customers.
② We offer high quality product and service as reasonable price and reponse promptly and precisely.

The Fair Competence

KACECO obeys rules of applicable area about all business and is more competitive through the fair ways.

1. To pursue free competence
① We respect political economic structure of capitalism and gain customer's truth.
② We compete with sincere competitiveness, and do not violate profit of competitor and do not make unfair profits.
2. To obey rules
We obey rules and custom of applicable area about all business, worldwidely.

Fair Contract

All contract is regulated by rules of political economic structure of capitalism and we would form cooperation so could leap forward.

1. Equal Opportunity
① KACECO gives all companies opportunity to be chosen as cooperators.
② We carry out the choosing coperators following resonable and fair ways.
2. Fair Contract
① We negotiate the terms and conditions of business on an equal position
② We do not carry out any injustice.
③ We give necessary informations mutually and evaluate and complement transaction following the fair condition.
3. To persue mutual advancement
① We support technology development and management.
② We make clear environment of contract and try to carry out fair transaction.


We establish core velues of company, accomplish our own work through self developing.

1. The Ethics
① We are proud as KACECO engineering's employees.
② We keep high ethic values and honor as KACECO engineering's employees.
2. The Accomplishment
① We carry out our own work sincerely.
② We obey rules related our work.
③ We keep our property and secret of company.
④ We cooperate and communicate with other teams well.
3. The Self-developing
We try to develop the skills of own work.
4. The Fair Work
① We carry out own work fairly and build up advisable corporate culture.
② We do not take any injustice profit.
③ We do not behave any immoral and wrong doing.
5. The Evasion of Conflict
① We evade any conflic of interest.
② We do not use proporty of company for individual profit.

The Reponsibility
for Employees

KACECO respects individuals of our company, treats employees with respect, and try to inspire them.

1. The respect
① KACECO engineering treats all employees with respect and affection.
② KACECO engineering makes employees inspired with pride.
③ KACECO engineering carry traning and coaching out for employees.
2. The fair treatment
① We gives employees equal opprtunity according to their capability and achievement.
② We compensate employees for their capability and achievement.
3. The creativeness
① We create the environment that employees could make any idea.
② We support employee's capability development.
③ We respect and understand employee's privacy.

The Reponsibility
for Country and Society

KACECO engineering protects stock holder's profit through the resonable business development and contributes to public welfare.

1. The reasonable business development
① We respect local culture that we would encount and spread out our business.
② We expand our business based on safety of company.
2. The protection for stockholder's profit
We protect stockholder's profit through the efficient management.
3. The contribution for society
We contribute to country through sincere tax payment and job creation, and to society through welfare work and culture work.
4. The protection for nature
We protect nature and keep it from pollution.

5. The reasonable business