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Type Certification Authority View Date of Update
Business License The superintendent of a tax office view   Dec.20.2018
Venture Enterprise RegistrationKIBOview   Dec.14.2017
ISO 9001 CREBIZ view   Mar.27.2017
Factory Operation License KICOX view   Mar.27.2017
Construction License Mayor of Pyeongtaek view   Mar.27.2017
ISO 14001 CREBIZ view   May.04.2016
INNO-BIZ Registration Ministry of SMEs and Startupsview   Dec.14.2015
R&D Registration KOITA view   Jan.09.2010
KRAIA Membership REF view   Nov.29.2010
GIMIC Membership GIMICO view   Feb.14.2007
Trading MembershipKITA view   Feb.13.2007
Type Product Certification AuthorityViewDate of Update
Excellent Product Air Handling UnitPublic Procurement Serviceview Feb.01.2017
Q-MarkAir Handling UnitKTCview May.30.2016
AMCA (Plug Fan) Wolter PFE Plug FanAMCA view Mar.28.2011
AMCA (AirFoil Fan) FANAMCA view Mar.28.2011
K-MarkAir Handling UnitKTLview Dec.28.2011
CE (AHU) Air Handling UnitTUV NORDview Jun.18.2010
High efficiency energy equipment certificateCentrifugal type FanKorea Energy Agencyview Jun.18.2010
Type DescriptionRegistration agencyView date
Patent 09 The remote control air-conditioner by central controll type with fine dust removal device KIPO view Jun.07.2016
Patent 08 잠재고장 위험 평가 시스템 KIPO view 08.22.2014
Patent 07 Direct expansion air handling unit having apparatus for automatic controlling air volum of blower by change of refrigerant flow KIPO view Sep.28.2011
Patent 06 Method for automatic controlling air volum of blower by change of refrigerant flow of direct expansion air handling unit KIPO view Apr.12.2011
Patent 05 PVE frame structure of preventing dew condensation for airconditioner KIPO view Sep.19.2008
Patent 04 Manufacture method of the alumiumn cooling plate that coated by UV varnish contain metallic nano particles and a coating apparatus KIPO view Jul.05.2007
Patent 03 An extractor fan using magnetic break KIPO view Mar.30.2007
Patent 02 Manufacture method of the ventilator have anti-fungi and antimicrobial function that coated by metallic nano particles and nano clay KIPO view Jan.18.2007
Patent 01 Antibiosis method of cooling plate and housing unit KIPO view Jan.18.2007