Our technology would keep nature and natural energy.



KACECO Engineering's R&D has carried out development of the product and new technology so we have got the certifications and intellectual property right.

KACECO Engineering's R&D has expanded both hardware development area related machine, electricity, and electronic and software development area related Al and loT technology.

Additionally, KACECO Engineering's R&D would leap forward professional research institute as Tink-Tank of KACECO Engineering.

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KACECO Engineering's R&D would research on installation, controlling, and air conditioning system for cost saving so could develop higher value-added product and the very new product.

which is air conditioning unit against air pollution such as yellow and fine dust.

We would launch it in 2017 after finishing development of trial product.
Additionally, we have manufactured the products after finishing VOC saving grand size air conditioner.
And we have developed hot water system using carbon dioxide refrigerant, ultralow temperature regrigerator, environment-friendly efficient air conditioning unit.

Main Developmented Technology