Introduces the new CI of KACECO


Corporate Identity

The emblem of KACECO reflectes the feature of air conditioner that would symbolize KACECO to great HVAC company, and emphasizes challenge and passion.

The emblem is designed by symbolizing eco as KACECO green and air as KACECO blue. That shows we would offer Ecopiety HVAC Total Solutions from energy of nature.

한국공조엔지니어링 CI 로고타입국문조합


한국공조엔지니어링 CI 국문조합

한국공조엔지니어링 CI 국문영문조합

한국공조엔지니어링 CI 로고타입영문조합

한국공조엔지니어링 CI 로고타입조합A

한국공조엔지니어링 CI 로고타입조합B

한국공조엔지니어링 CI 영문조합

한국공조엔지니어링 CI 심볼마크

Color System

We have to adapt appropriate colors to specify identity of KACECO.

We use the color by spot color printing but also use four color process according to applied materials.
As using others except four color process, the greatest similar color with pantone color would be chosen.

#8FC854 C 48 M 0 Y 88
KACECO Dark Blue
#175181 C 96 M 71 Y 25 K 10
#186CB6 C 88 M 56 Y 0
#999999 C 43 M 35 Y 35 K 1

CI download

※ We do not allow an illegal use of KACECO's design.

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